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i have a unimat-sl, model number DB 200, what do i do with it? Answered

its a very small lathe which seems to be used for detailed metal work, my dad found it in the dump years ago( not his current job, it was years ago) and i decided to take a look at it. i have the original box with the original tools ect and it works! so if someone could give me a value on it or any lathe projects ( for one of this size) i would be very thankfull.


Its a model engineering lathe. Unimat is a well respected maker of small lathes. Value ? Complete ? 200 GBP/300 USD in good condition.

hey not bad, all i think it needs is a good cleaning, some WD40 and maybe a new "belt" because the two i have seem to have shrunken and cant be used :/ but it definately works. do you know if they make a pen mandrill for their lathes even though its a model engineering lathe?

You should be able to fit it with a standard pen mandrill; that's well within its capabilities.

Wonder why it was discarded. Probably a matter of someone's grandfather dying and nobody in the family either wanting it themselves or wanting to deal with figuring out what it was and where it could be usefully sold off...

i brought it into my construction technologies class to have my teacher look at it and it was clearly too small for the average pen mandrill, dont really know why but it was obvious that it needed to be cut or modified.

when my dad found the lathe he worked at a dump (years ago) at that time an estate sale was going on and what they didnt sell went to the dump. as he was working there he noticed a box thinking it was a gun case lol he went and grabbed it. he decided to keep it and low and behold it was a lathe that had all the parts. its funny the kind of stuff people used to get rid of, i was told stories about how he would take home speakers, TVs and sterio systems all in decent condition.

You could turn the two parts of the pen separately, I suppose...

Yeah, estate sales are often a matter of "it's easier and faster if we make other folks figure out what all of this is worth. Some will got cheap, some will be paid too much for, and it'll all average out to something semi-reasonable."

yeeeeep, you can find all sorts of stuff at those