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i have an ice maker motor how much power does it need? Answered

i have an old ice maker and the lining that keeps the ice from sticking to it cane off so i took the motor out and put it up to a 9v battery and it did not work. i want to know how much power it needs. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

I would suspect that it is regular household line voltage, BUT its best you verify that with authoritative information. Look for any information printed or stamped on the motor. Try to locate the motor manufacturer's website, or the maker of the ice machine, look for a schematic on the ice maker.
Whatever you do be very careful when fooling with household current, it can be deadly.

Thank you, i didnt see any information stamped on it but ill look again


7 years ago

Best  way to  Test  your  unknown Motor !

Start with a 15 Watt Bulb then try a 30 Watt Bulb
If the motor runs normal or slow, keep raising the Bulb Watts
eventually 50W, 100W and 150W.

The bulb acts as a limiting fuse if you are wrong on the motor power....  A