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idea for a true semi auto bolt action rifle Answered

i have i great idea in my head for a true semi auto bolt action slingshot knex sniper rifle but i sadly dont have the knex to build it so i was wondering if any knows where i can get some knex for cheap, i mostly need greens rods, yellow con, and white rods.

if you know where i can get some knex please say so




6 years ago

basically those are the basic parts for any knex gun LOL
but try Ebay to get loads for less.
if you want specific pieces try Knex.com or Knexusergroup.net

I just bought like 100 dollars worth on ebay. And i compared the prices on knex.com. I got like 40%-60% off. So i recomend ebay. I mainly needed thoseparts as well and they are still on there. U probably have already gotten some becuse this is such a late comment but still for future references.
Also go to my channel and check out my semi auto please!
Good luck!!!!

you can get knex at walmart Kmart and Amazon. if you want a good bolt action rifle look at ben_da_builders true trigger,top loading bolt action knex rifle ;)