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i have an xbox 360.and it keep saying open tray with every game?how do i fix?? Answered



By "open tray" I presume you mean it's saying the CD tray is open?

If so, sounds like the CD drive has either come partly disconnected or is failing.

If the failure is the switch or sensor that detects the state of the tray, it may be repairable. If it's more complicated than that... replace the drive?

No the tray is closed, and it say theres no game in it

First thing to do is check all the cable connections to the drive

If that doesn't help, I'd try replacing it with a DVD drive borrowed from a PC. (This assumes they haven't done anything odd with the drive's firmware in the interests of copyprotection...) If that solves the problem, getting another DVD drive might be the simplest fix. If it doesn't... you've got more serious problems.

Actually fixing the drive, unless the problem is obvious by inspection, is _probably_ not worth the effort.


8 years ago

Try running a DVD lens cleaner in it. My son was having the same problem and as a last effort, I stuck the lens cleaner I used for my DVD player in the drive and let it cycle through.
It has worked fine ever since.