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i have changed the name to how pathetic is criss angel Answered

Is Criss Angell a fake? Let me see a show of cursors! I already well know how most of his tricks are perfored, and they are so dumb! In "Walk on Water", they put plexiglass over one section of the pool. The girl says she swam right under him, but she couldn't have swam around him because of the plexiglass. That is why she went under. In "Steamrolled" they dig out a trench so he fits safely under the big wheels. And the broken glass? Oh that's real. I know many others, but my hands are cramping from typing.


I like Derren Brown more anyway...

Well, seeing how he's an illusionist , and he's illusioning you, how can he be a fake?

Well, some magicians feel that tricks need to be able to be preformed in real life and not just through television. Criss obviously exaggerates, uses stooges, and camera tricks in his show "Mindfreak".Some magicians and illusionists see this as "cheating". Just like how people see athletes using steroids as "cheaters".

What's so magical about an off-screen crane?

In my book, the definitive answer is Skill. The knowledge that someone did not "edit this" and create a cartoon, and the fact that you can see it anytime , up close and personal, because of the magician's skill. If I want to do an illusion, I can simply say "let me borrow a quarter. " But you will know that I have spent months practicing this bit of legerdemain.

Heroes is awesome, if only for Hayden Panettiere. The effects are good, and the plot is awesome :-D

UNCE UNCE UNCE!!!! Criss Angel is an awesome show and evry1 know his tricks r fake!!!!! but so wut??? the show is fun 2 watch

youve got the same opinion as oogitsmal


10 years ago

I've never heard of Criss Angell, but I'm enough pissed off that probable con man Uri Geller got hired that I'm not likely to ever watch the show...

I've been to one of his theatrical performances. Criss isn't really good in real life. Lance Burton is much better. Criss also seems to use a lot of stooges and camera tricks in his show (mindfreak). If you look closely at some of his tricks, you can tell some of them are camera trickery. He was awesome at his first season of mindfreak, but now he's starting to act like a spoiled diva. Though, I do like some of his dangerous stunts. But of course, all magic tricks are fake since they are TRICKS, but I guess magic tricks can be considered as "fake" when it involves camera tricks and payed stooges.

Yes, including the use of "twins", saying the camera will not cut away, when it does, etc etc. When artists like Houdini performed, they could not hide behind a camera trick; there had to be real skill involved. I remember the first time I learned how he walked through a solid brick wall, and the timing necessary to accomplish this.

Houdini ? That is published in a number of books so I have no problem relaying it here. Those tricks not known publicly I would be bound not to reveal (it takes away the fun of them anyways). While he did some other "escapes" (and btw: Houdinis escapes were not all tricks, he COULD get himself out of any pair of handcuffs, or any straight jacket. Anyways, while he performed, a brick wall would be constructed right on stage, so everyone KNEW it was really made of bricks and was absolutely solid. Once finished, he approached one wall, a 3 sided screen would be place around him for a moment or two, at the same time, another screen was being placed on the other side. The first screen would be removed, and he was not there, and the second screen removed and it appeared as though he had passed through the solid brick wall. In reality, the first screen would hide him for nearly a full 30 secondsj (as they slowly brought it around him), he would slip into a one piece overall suit like the stage hands had on), and slip out the back just before the screen was fully pushed up against the wall. Walk around the back of the wall, and slip into the other screen as it was being pushed against the wall. Timing was of the essence....one slip and the whole thing fell apart. As they closed the second screen around him, he slipped off he coveralls, and literally waited until they were ready to pull his screen away from the wall....revealing him having "walked through the wall". Houdini's "switch places with his wife, while he was shackled and tied into a bag, locked in a trunk" trick had to be, for me, the most excellently timed trick he ever did. He would have himself handcuffed, placed in a canvas bag with a drawstring that was then tied, and have that sack placed into a trunk that was then chained and shackled closed. She would draw a curtain around the area, bring it up so only her face showed, clap three times. On that third clap she'd close the curtain, immediately, the curtain would part, and there stood Houdini. Open the trunk, pick up the bag, and open it, and inside shackled, would be his wife. Timing, grace speed and timing.

You're welcome. I read about him from a several books back eons ago when I was in high school. I have been interested in legerdomain ever since.

I think he's crap. He acts like he is...no...I will not start ranting today...

Anyway, I don't like him.

. Kinda of hard to call someone a fake when they refer to themselves as an illusionist/entertainer. If such a person were a fake, wouldn't that mean that he/she was doing REAL magic and passing it off as an illusion?

no actually they would be doing an illusion and passing it off as real

Not when calling themselves an illusionist, they wouldn't. Nacho is right here, they would have to be doing something that was not performing illusions to be a fake illusionist.

Here is my beef. There are illusionists, and there are those that use camera trickery and lies (the camera will never turn away from the scene {hog wash} ), etc. When I make a quarter disappear from hy hands (with short sleeved shirt on) and then pull it out of your ear, it is an illusion. I spent months just practicing that, and if I were ever to do it again, I would have to do the same preparation. But, in my eyes, some things are not "illusions" if they are simply "moving the camera". I don't have any desire to watch David Copperfield any more for this reason.

I wouldn't say "fake", but they are certainly, like others have said, "illusions." I personally love David Blaine, and his card tricks, but some others use specially made tools, and whatnot.

magic tricks are called tricks for a reason. David Copperfield made both an airplane and the Statue of Liberty vanish....well not really. :-) An illusion


10 years ago

Eh. Who cares?

I know Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) rips on him pretty harshly.


10 years ago

He tries to hard to make an interesting show, his "tricks" end up extremely over exaggerated. Penn and Teller are way better.

he is an illusionist. of course he cant really do all that stuff. it is entertaining to watch him though.