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i have forgotten my admin password in my laptop.how can i recover my account.i am using windows 7 ultimate OS ? Answered



Two options are available to choose for Windows 7 admin
password reset:

Option 1: Windows 7 Password Reset in Safe
Mode via Administrator

Follow below mentioned steps under this option:-

1. Boot or reboot your Windows 7 PC or laptop.

2. Press F8 repeatedly until the Windows
Advanced Options Menu screen appears.

3. Select Safe Mode in the coming screen,
and then Press Enter.

4. Log in Windows 7 with Administrator account
when you see login screen.

5. Click Start > open the control panel >
users accounts, and select locked administrator to reset its password. Or run
command prompt as administrator to reset Windows 7 password with net user

Option 2: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with
Reset Disk

1. Click Reset Password and password reset
wizard appears.

2. Click Next and insert Win 7 password key
disk(password reset disk) into locked computer.

3. Choose recovery disk from drop-down box and click Next.
Then follow the wizard to do step by step.

4. Until it asks you to set a new password for Windows 7
administrator. Just type new one and confirm it.

5. Click Finish finally to complete Windows 7
forgotten administrator password reset.


Start up your computer in safe mode, by default the built-in administrator account has no password and you can login and then reset lost password for your account. There are also many other Windows 7 password reset methods and softwares, and the most popular ones are pcunlocker, ophcrack,chntpw.


Answer 2 years ago

This works great. thanks a lot


2 years ago

how don't I reset my laptop don't know the password for the main screen

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Thanks so much! This is so imformative. Actually to recover or reset your forgotten Windows account password, In use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery software to do that.

hey queen help me the problem is that when i do the 4 th step it says error 5 has occured

what should i do

i forgot my admin password, and i didnt get a disk with it, brought it awhile back is there anyway I can reset it without a disk? HELP please!!!!

how can I get my password to work on my start up screen? My computer shut down while I was using it andd now it says my pass word is not working.

You should start a new question. The only reason I saw this is because I am following this one from a while ago.

It is good that you searched for answers in the related questions but to get a response from many members you should just start a new question.

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4 years ago

Wow no one has answered this yet! Okay here is the solution I've been in the same situation before. Okay so first you need a windows cd. It should have came with your laptop. If you don't have one then force shut your computer down. When you put in the cd or force shut it down, and then turn your computer on, you should be given an option to repair your computer with command prompt. Once you get there (this is implying that you know how to use commands! if not just ask me!) copy the command prompt file from your C drive then rename the copied version sethc. What this does is makes it so that when you click shift 5 times it will open up command prompt. Now exit that and restart your computer. Once you get to the login screen of your computer click shift 5 times so that command prompt opens up. Here's where it gets tricky (again implying that you know how to use command prompt) So there are two options, but the easy option may not work for you. First the most obvious thing to do is change the password from command prompt. That didn't work for me so the other option is to add another admin account (I called mine hack account) and then reset the other account's password from there. That should work! Again if you don't know the commands ask me I'll give them to you. Also lock the hack account with a password that you know well!

Oh and all the people who said you need software? Yeah you actually don't! That's usually the easier way out but it takes some time to set up and figure out how to use! This is a pretty easy solution to so... yeah.

You can't. No admin password no access to anything more than a guest account. You'll have to wipe the drive and re install Windows. If there where a nice trick to recover the password or get around it then there wouldn't be much point in having it.

I have very successfully hacked many passwords on windows computers, and it's not hard ether. You just have to have the right software. I've hacked passwords on windows 2000 to windows 7 and everything in-between. and no, I'm not a computer technician either. Microsoft just doesn't want you to know it can be done, but trust me, it can.

And to the person who posted this question, sorry but I don't remember the name of the software I use, nor can I currently find the disk.

Most of the time the password is not "hacked" but simply deleted.
Sometimes we tend to not be to quick to give that kind of information out especially to a new user who provides no information about themselves. Are we dealing with a stolen laptop?, a kid trying to bypass his parents restrictions? A stalker trying to get into a victims computer? We can't tell, and don't want to accidentally assist them to do something they shouldn't. If they take it to a pro then whoever that is can verify that they have the right to get access. So, yes its possible, but how much do we want to share about that with an unknown person. And they can always just Google it themselves.


4 years ago

You can take it to a computer repair place. It will probably cost less than reformating. Sometimes there will be a smart tech who can reset it.