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i have got this thing off ebay just need a clue how to connect something to it? Answered

I have a small amp PCB off ebay it has the connectors down the side for the points to connects the parts to it but i just cant work out the connect or plug into the device what i have so far is

R+          Speaker right
R-           Speaker  right
L+           Speaker left
L-            Speaker left
gnd        power
+5v         power
sw          switch
gnd         switch

thanks for any help you can offer




Best Answer 4 years ago

  • gnd         switch
  • lin           Left Audio Input
  • gnd        Common Audio Reference
  • rin           Right Audio Input

thanks for that your help makes sense now i seen it. is there a way to tell what part of the audio jack gos to what cable when i cut the end off the textention lead

The tip of the jack is the left, the ring is the right and the base of the jack is ground. So strip the wires and use a multi-meter to do a continuity test so you'll know what wire is connected to what part of the jack.

thanks for your help its good to ask people who know you learn so much

will get my soldering iron out soon so be prepared for me screaming for help again :)