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i have like 50 old disposable cameras what should i make with them? Answered

 i have a bunch of used disposable cameras that i got for free from wallgreens what should i make with them?


Pie Ninja

Best Answer 8 years ago

If they have flashes, salvage the capacitors and boost circuits and makea coilgun, railgun, or taser. <br /><br />I don't believe there are any 'ibles on railguns, but rwilsford07 has agood coilgun instructable, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Coilgun-Handgun/">here</a>.<br /><br />And making a taser is pretty easy, just wire up all the capacitors in <strong>parallel </strong>(series does not boost capacitance). In case you don't know, the sidewith the white/grey stripe on it is the positive pin. Then you justgotta wire up a few of the boost circuits in series to charge them, becareful though, use too few and you can burn out the transistors onthem. Basically you just wanna do the first step of the coilgun 'ible Ilinked to.<br /><br /><br />However if they don't have flashes, they're pretty much useless.<br />

Sorry 'bout the lack of spaces between some of my words, sometimes Itype too fast for my fingers. :P

Btw, you could also give them to me. :P


8 years ago

Put them along a big flagpole 6 -12 inches apart, sequentially flasheach, so it looks like a single flash traveling fast up the pole. Great visual.  Maybe a fireworks cracker on top for a final BANG.

Make a super-bright flash unit.


wire up all the caps in series!!

I would either find a way how to use the flashes on the cameras tosurprise people, or make an elaborate artwork as a colorful mobile or astatue of a human-like thing.

I SAY that you should make a taser. There are manyInstructables about how to do it, and it might save your life one day.Or just your wallet. Or entertain you. But WORTHWHILE, YES!

If they have flashes, use them to make tazers.
If not, well, they have batties and holders inside.