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i have recently aquired a Projection TV without the screen, on the insides of it it says X-ray Critical part? Answered

just wondering if its safe to tinker with and pull parts from? the top portion of the TV was cut off but the Lens's are in tact i dont believe anything is broken


@ all other replies/answers: "new instructable, homemade xray machine"

There's actually not all that much difference between a television picture tube and an X-ray tube. Both generate a beam of electrons that strikes a target -- the phosphors in the picture tube, a metal plate in the X-ray tube. The biggest difference is the speed of the electrons. Picture tubes, especially older ones with the electronics misadjusted, can give off a nontrivial amount of X-rays. (Some of the early color TVs really were "hotter" than they should have been -- another reason your parents didn't want you to sit so close to the screen.) That metal part is a shield to help protect the viewer. The label is intended to remind service technicians to put it back properly. Of course the other thing to keep in mind when mucking around with picture tubes is that they run at high voltages, and especially in the older sets may have large capacitors which can hold a great deal of power. Enough power to weld a screwdriver to their terminals in an instant. More than enough power to hurt a human. Simply unplugging the set may not be enough to make it safe. If you don't know what you're doing, I would STRONGLY suggest you get assistance from someone who does rather than poking around on your own.

Thank you both for your input, while tearing it apart i found a Very Large Flyback which hooked up to the RGB lens's, about 2x bigger then a 17" CRT Monitor Flyback I also had assistance because the Part that the Lens's were on was probly like 80 pounds and i couldnt remove that by my self with all the wires lol


Yeah I'd say it's safe to remove, just don' t try and switch the television on with the cover removed as a safe precaution.