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i just cut my finger in half with a table saw 3 mins ago? Answered

ouch. any suggestions? I have no fingernail WTF.   how do i get a missing finger badge?

Since writing the above message, I went to the ER and got fixed up. My finger is numb, and my sentence structure has improved. A simple push stick could have saved me $700, and my finger.
MACHINE. You will always lose, It is only a matter of time.

Have a safe november!



Hospital IMMEDIATELY, unless your family doctor is much, much closer. The longer you wait, the more trouble you're going to be in.

The other advice here seems generally good, as far as my own badly-out-of-date knowledge of first aid goes.

Wrap with sterile gauze and maintain direct pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. DO NOT apply any sort of antibiotic ointment -- they'll just have to clean it off, and if you thought the injury hurt just wait until they have to scrub the damaged tissue.

If there's a cut-off piece (though table saws more often leave hamburger), the advice about putting it in a sealed bag and putting it on ice is good; that minimizes the tissue decay and maximizes the chances of reattaching it.

If you want to be sure the emergency room gives you priority, don't clean up any blood on your clothing or on the bandage -- if anything, you may want to deliberately spread the bloodstain a bit.. A friend of mine spent longer in a waiting room than should have been the case because the first-aid was a bit too good and hid how bad the injury actually was.


I've been told that professionals and near-professionals are statistically more likely to injure themselves than amateurs, since they tend to get a bit too comfortable working around the machine and don't always treat it with the respect it deserves.

I'm seriously considering spending the money to get myself a SawStop saw. Those don't remove the need to be careful, but they have at least some chance of protecting you from the worst results of an accident. Expensive, but given the risk maybe cheap insurance.


8 years ago

You need to find a community type hospital, or nurse aid situation. Failing this, if you do not seek medical attention, you MUST clean the wound, and dry it with a CLEAN cloth, and bind it tightly.

Try your pharmacist for some advice?? And....hey! don't keep sitting at your computer nepheron,- you need to deal with your wound.

I went to the hospital and was painfully reminded of how much I dislike such places. Oh well. Anyway they got me sewed up.

Glad to hear you got fixed up. It took some doing to get you to go!!!!!!

Good to hear you're OK.

Next time, please don't waste time asking the web. Seriously. I know, you were in a bit of shock so it seemed reasonable at the time, but...

You were damned lucky. This could have been much, much worse.

It was a WTF situation, not a call-the-ambulance-emergency. When I got to the ER, there wasn't much the doctor could do but wrap it tight and hope for the best. Oh well, I guess I have 2 fingernails on one finger now.

Even so... Free medical advice found on the web is often worth what you pay for it, and the rest of the time it's worth less. Posting here really was NOT the right thing to spend time on until after you'd gotten treatment... at which point it wouldn't have been a Question but an opportunity for an Instructable on safe use of power tools... and why taking shortcuts is a Bad Idea.

You got away with it this time, but you really should fix that impulse as well as your saw safety habits.

(I don't ask my doctor for locksmithing advice; he doesn't ask me for medical advice. Everyone is safer that way.)

Pay what it takes. The alternatives are worse.


8 years ago

Doctor. NOW.

The cut is very vulnerable to infection, that could make things far worse.

Seek medical attention from a professional, and while you're waiting think about how you could have avoided this accident.


You'd prefer not to do this again? Have a think while you're waiting to be stitched-up.


The problem is that i split it and didn't cut it off really.OUCH

Put the tip into a plastic bag, wrap the bag in tissues, put it in another bag with ice or an ice-pack.

Get to the hospital quickly - they may be able to re-attach it.