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i just ordered knex Answered

finaly i am geting some balljoints and hindges. i am geting 20 of both so i will be able to make some good guns that use them. i only had 4 of each before. i am also geting 30 hand connectors because i am running out of them. p.s. just to let my know the_bruitto_master i am planing of making your fn-scar when the peaces get here.


Your so inspirational!

why post a forum- i just orderd k'nex----- who really cares, i went to asda an bought some sweets, i not made a forum---- i just bought some sweets

Nice, I just ordered another Big Ball Factory on ebay. It has 2007 sorted pieces, I can't wait. My dad was friends with the creator of knex so we used to get a lot of free sets, like all the ones with the people therefore I have a ton of ball joints and Y connectors.

i have one big ball factory. i ahve 2 of the orgional knex coster sets to. lucky, i wish i got free sets. i got all my knex from my dad(there still his but i use them more then he does.)

How exactly are you saving lives by building guns?

i have no idea! i just put that because i thought it was funny. but if i was protecting people with my guns but never fired at some one just threting to then i guess i would be saving lives.