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i just want to escape!!!!!! Answered

ok so here is a true love story it goes guys i am a single mom from the US and im in love with a man from the UK. we have been together for three years and we have been engaged for two years. we really want to get married and i have decided i would leave the US to be with him he said if i wanted to he would leave the UK instead but he has a home in UK and i am homeless in the US (yes homeless its not an exaggeration). he has been taking care of me since day one sending me help wen he can and buying us plane tickets so we can be with him. the problem is because of certain situations im only able for the time being to have a visitors visa and they only last six months. im here with him now on a visitors visa and only have six months then my son and i have to go back to the US where we'll have no where to live once we get there. before i got here we were living in a tent (no joke). im tired of doing this and so is he this is my third time to do a six month visa and it huts so much to say goodbye and know that wen i get off that plane i have to go into survival mode. We want to be together we dont care what country it is in but we would prefer some where in Europe cause he can live anywhere there but what about me is there a place in Europe that me and my son can go and not have to have a visa, we have been through so much already all we want to do is be together and be married , be a family, can any one help?



6 years ago

No quick fix to suggest, but maybe some perspective:

Sounds like you're pretty passionate! Great, use that fire to work forward smartly.

Do your research and start planning what to do - sharing goals and accomplishing together is a fundamental part of marriage/relationships! Enjoy the steps and work, the hurdles are accomplishments waiting.

Last thoughts: your child- definitely proceed carefully for the sake of your child. Being homeless with a child is not good. Leaving the country introduces custody issues. I suggest stabilizing your situation as a first step. Get social support to get a firm footing. Then proceed as an ~empowered mother.

Avoid jumping from frying pan into a circle of fire.

You'd probably get more useful advice if you said what these "certain situations" are.
Half a story = half an answer.


Get married - BUT are you sure your doing this for the right reasons?

Desperation isn't a good master.

In principle as a spouse either you can live here or he can come to the USA and get a green card.


....suggests you can't change status on your current visa, but you qualify on all the other points. You MIGHT be able to move to another European country, like Ireland though, and start the process.....


What happens to your immigration status if you marry ? I know citizenship is NOT automatic anymore, but it does firm your status up, provided he is a UK national.

You can always try and be completely open with our immigration authorities. Do things right, and I suspect it will be quite straightforward. I just countersigned a UK citizenship form for an ex-employee only yesterday !