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i kendama do you Answered

first of all woah im gone like 2 months and you have put categories. in the forums. really nice guys keep up the good work. now on to the topic. ok so i just picked up a yomega starcatch (yomegas term for kendama) and i have seen some videos of people doing crazy things (me i can only get the 3 cups but i have goten the spike 3 times. for a first time kenama(er?) what do you recomend to start doing this.



5 years ago

Well. i play kendama and First off is the starcatch a plastic kendama? if it is go and buy a wooden kendama.. and my advice to spike is to spin the ball a little then slow the string down and then pull it straight up when you do that 5 or 6 times in a row (how much i reccomend to do in a row before you start dry spikes) then you can try to spike it without spinning the ball and it will be pretty hard at first but you will get the hang of it... good luck!
-Sam Stay Kendaful