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i like instructables Answered

i like instructables, most the time people dont put you down, make you depressed and what not. its a good place to be. you guys dont kick people when their down, i like that.


I'll kick your dinosaurs but! You're stupid. I'm gunna make you feel bad. I hate you. lol, just kidding!!

You just put me down, made me depressed and what not! (see his post)

It's a great place, very few jerks around, hell I have a habit of helpiing people when they're down... The place is very friendly and the projects that appear really are of some class, I can't think of another site that has a project turnover like this, look at the amount of 'ibles posted every day and how many of them are really good.

I do too! People will give constructive criticism, but that helps you. Other than that its all positive

LH, there are 2 ways you could read your sentence there :-)

Unfortunately I read it the wrong way the first time around and "was fixin to tell you off" ;-) but then I saw it could be read as you meant it:

1) I do too ! as in Koolaid's last sentence was You guys don't kick people when they are down and you replied: I do too ! *LOL

But you really meant that you like what koolaid said he likes. :-)

I always kick you when you are down! (its just that no one here is ever down) No, I meant that I like it here

Nothing beats this site!

Yeah, that's one of the things I really like about this site!