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i like this boy at school how can i see if he likes me and how can i make him like me?(with out anyone nowing)? Answered




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There will definitly be some clues. Even if he doesn't know he's giving them. I don't know if you know eachother. Are you friends? If not, try to become one. And don't lay it on thick 'cause I myself always get scared when a girl tries to hard to be friends with you. Just take it slow and it will work out.

(note that some of these cluyes may or may not happen in your case. It differs from person to person)

- he is activly in your surrounding. Meaning that he will always try to be in your group or with the people your hanging with

- Sometimes you'll catch him staring at you. (in the non creepy way)

- He'll talk with you alot. Note that this probably won't happen if he's shy or if you really don't know eachother.

- He'll probably try to touch you (in the non bad way). Putting his hands on your shoulders, if he's a teaser he'll probably poke you or something.

- If he he really really likes you, you'll notice that it's easy to get things done from him (don't abuse the power! :p). Like asking him to get you something to drink or help you with your homework that sorta stuff.

In my experience these are some of the signs but they may vary on your age and other factors (like is he shy, are you shy, is he a loose guy...)

Now on to the "how can I get him to like me"

Take it from me, if your not yourself either you will start feeling bad or he'll break up with you because you couldn't keep up the appearnce you had when you started dating. I'm a very active guy there isn't a moment in the day I'm not running around doing crazy/stupid stuff or making jokes. Well I was in love with a girl that was into more serious men (so normally she wouldn't be into me) but she didn't knew the normal me so I acted like I was serious and completely changed myself so she would like me. And it worked! All went perfect but no matter how happy I was with her a part of me died when I always had to stop myself from doing the things I loved. So after a while I couldn't take it anymore and started cracking jokes again and doing stupid stuff and well she broke up with me because I wasn't the person she fell in love with.

Learn from my mistake, always be yourself. Oke this boy may not like you. It's a possibility but hey there are other fish in the sea. After that girl I met a girl that fell in love with my jokes and wanted to do stupid stuff with me. So just be yourself and if it happends it happens :)

So a summary:

- Not friends, become friends. Good relationships often come from friendships

- don't rush things: get to know eachother better before you get yourself into a relationship. Another reason to start with friendship

- Always stay yourself. Don't go changing for anybody. I mean this in personality ofcourse. If he hates that you leave diry clothes on the floor that's something you can change ;)

- Don't scare him! Don't go to stalker levels with this boy. He'll just get scared and he'll try to get as far from you as humanly possible.

I hope this was helpfull. Any questions or if something is unclear or sentences or formulated wrong just comment. And to all the other people don't start with "this can't happen it has not happend to me" or stuff like "putting your hands on her shoulder means nothing". It can be that it didn't mean something in your case but that doesn't make it a rule of the universe okay. ;)


8 years ago

Ask him. Or go out on a limb and tell him you like him.

Watch his eyes and especially his mouth. The mouth tells alot about a person's real intentions. And I don't mean speaking.

There are books on body language that can help to decipher true feelings.

As for "making him like you"...well...You can't "make" anyone like you. they either do or they don't. They may grow to like you or they may grow to dislike you, but that's their thing, not yours. Just be yourself.

regarding others finding out, the only way you can do that is by not telling anyone how you feel, so I wouldn't bet too heavily on the secret remaining safe. It jsut doesn't work that way. Accept that you wil either eventually wear your hear ton your shoulder, or failing that, resolve yourself to loving from afar. You have to take chances to succeed, and sometimes it results in embarrassment. Many of us have felt the same (I was a very shy kid and to some degree still am 35 or so years later). Swallow thy blush.


8 years ago

How can you see if he likes you?  Pay attention to how he talks to you, how he treats you, and the way he acts around you.  There will be clues.

You can also just go ahead and ask him what he thinks of you.  That's been acceptable for most of the western world at least since the sixties.

Can you make him like you?  No.  You can't make him feel anything, he'll have to come to that on his own.


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Great question - one of the reasons it gets asked so often:

Check out these existing questions, they have some top notch answers.


8 years ago

I suggest you talk to him.  Why don't you want anyone else to know?  There's nothing to be ashamed of.