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i make cricket bats.i would like to have a shaper machine that would assist me in this venture ... can any one help? Answered

 Cricket is a game played in most parts of the world. Somewhat similar to the baseball game.it has a wooden bat made of willow.(please look it up on the net.) the shape of the bat is unique, with almost no flat surface to it.
Even the front is slightly curved. I make these bats by hand.... which takes away a lot of my energy doing mundane shaving volumes of wood to get to a basic shape. This is further shaved to a specific shape.
I would like to have a machine... to help me do this. I have seen a surfboard shaper that is close to getting the curves on the willow blades.
if i could achieve this as cheaply as possible (i am not well to do, with limited funds at my disposal)
this would be of a great help.
I live in mumbai...which is a city in.. India.
Thanking all the guys who could help ..........in advance.



2 years ago

hello, we are a sports goods manufacturing company based in Hyderabad, looking for someone like you to guide us with bat making, please email us if interested.


Thank you.

ask for paul budworth or john Kentish at kookaburra corby in England paul knows about the reshaping. trimming, weights ect and john knows about machines involved and courses. templates and costs

I suppose most cricket bats could be shaped with a spindle moulder. You could do a lot with judicious use of a power plane, rather than shaping it by hand.

What sort of thing were you thinking of ? A CNC router ? 

spindle moulder .....how?........ because the bat has various curves... on the front and back...... please see  a cricket bat. it has complicated shapes.
as for a power plane... i tried but the width of the plane and the softness od the wood would not allow it. it is too flat for a bat. i also have a 10'' bench plane.
i guess i was thinking of a router system but i have not the funds they seem to mention.on most sites. also i have a noise problem... as i am in the city.... i would like a ''quiet'' router if one exists.....thanx for trying to help.

I'm English, I know what a cricket bat looks like.

The UK TV show I saw them make bats on used a spindle moulder with templates.

 sorry steve i didnt kno u wer english.... ofcourse u must kno what a bat would look like..i apologise. i wish i would have seen how they utilised the spindle moulder.
Thanx pagan .... i tried getting hold of draw knives here in mumbai.... but they have not got the foggiest idea of what giberish i am yakking about.i already use alll the methods u mention i have been doing this for 30 years.... and my dad before me for longer(since 1920's) it is only now that the body gets tired and the muscles ache ... so i am looking to make my life a little bit easier for the future.
hence i was wondering if a router could be adapted cheaply for the use of shaping as they do it in the making of surf boards.

A BIG-ish INVERTED router, mounted in a table is a poor-mans spindle moulder - get one with a 13mm collet, which is thr practical maximum, and you might be in business.

I think if you use bearing guided router cutters, and you bond a template to your rough wood, you'll be off. 

I can't realistically see you doing the front face with a router, but you could do the edges and profile that way - a big start !

PM me if you are really stuck for draw-knives - I can get one with a 250mm blade  for about 45GBP.

hey steve..... thanx for taking the time to  answer my queries.... the big..ish router ... any particular make.... we have limited varieties available here in india.
as for the draw knives i will definitely let u kno.... i have taken a steel strip of en-9 which is suppose to be good for knives... and have given it to sharpen one edge... then i have to get the handles sorted ... i shall see how it progresses and if it works then i shall get back to u.as for the front face i don't have mush problem there,cos after that i have to compress the willow. and that is not too much work... it is the back of the bat to get a basic shape before press. that saps my energy.

I can't suggest brands, just a nice fat colletted one- inspect it carefully and make sure the shaft holding the collet looks substantial.

Making a draw knife? definitely the way to go. EN9 should be fine. Make sure its hardened appropriately, or you'll be sharpening it all the time !


There are no quiet routers.  I should think that a draw knife would be very useful for rough shaping and then a spoke shave for more refining. 

Many times complex work can be done more efficiently by hand but you have to practice to reduce wasted motion and use sharp tools to reduce strain.  Expensive, loud machinery can replace skilled craftsmanship but then you have to be skilled with running the machine.  

Take time to learn your craft and you can out produce a machine- especially with complex wood shapes.