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i need a 2.5mm 3 ring cable to VGA or RCA or possibly even usb? Answered

i found a rear view camera that has a 2.5mm 3 prong ring and i want to some how use it as a webcam or something like that.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Let me guess; the connector looks like a headphone jack, only smaller?

Chances are, the three pins are signal, power and ground. The signal is likely a plain old composite signal (RCA). As for which pin is which, and what voltage it is, I cannot say...

Probably composite, do you have anything with composite (yellow RCA connector) to test it?

Where did you find it?


Please delete the two other versions of your question, and do add a photo of the connector so we know what you're talking about.

I'm not sure what you mean by "three prong ring"...

If it outputs anything standard, it will probably output composite video, possibly monochrome. To get that into the computer you'd need to run it into video capture hardware. Unless you already have that on hand, just getting a webcam may be cheaper.

(A photo of the connector might help. Or, try to find the manufacturer's name on the camera or what it came out of, then hit the web to see if you can find out how it was supposed to be connected.)