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i need a christmas present for my dad Seveastrouk and i dont know what to get him HELP! Answered

the title says it all folks butr still help



Assuming a pocket-money budget:
  • Smelt some more aluminium, cast it into a more decorative shape than a blob?
  • Make a sign for his shed/workshop with pyrography, or gluing technoscrap together?
  • Make a wallet (search for an ible you like, or create your own)?
  • Get an adult (or Jayefuu) to buy a bottle of decent beer?
  • Make a book of promise vouchers that he can redeem during the year ("I will tidy my room", "I will wash up for a week", "I will stay out of sight for 24 hours")?
  • A set of bits for his drill or rotary tool?
  • Give the gift of robot invasion? (If you don't have a solar cell, you can just use a battery and switch)

By "decent beer", I mean something he wouldn't drink from the bottle.

Beers by Adnams, St Peters, Brew Dog and Jennings should all be available in your local supermarkets, and some are available online (I recently came across the Norfolk Grain Brewery, which he won't have seen in your area yet).

If it doesn't come in bottles, what does it come in? Leather flasks?

Oh, it is purchased in bottles, but it is poured into a glass before drinking.

Is there a "reason" for this? Other then to dirty a glass or to release some of the carbonation?

Bottles are packaging, drinking out of them is bad etiquette. However, a lot of places expect customers to drink out of bottles because it avoids glass-problems. It's obviously very common, but if you've got beer-glasses they ought to be used.


Interesting, much like it would be even worse to drink directly out of the wine bottle?

That's right.
But in e.g. a busy-bar, drinking out of bottles is a cost-saving.


It saves me washing a glass at home too ;-)

Would I be right in thinking that like me it saves you washing a glass before you drink, rather than afterwards?


Well, for me, it is both. When I eat breakfast, I tend to have to wash out a bowl, use it, and then wash it again. So I can, but never get to, use it later as clean.

Yes, we're the same like that, happy holidays.


You Too :-) although I must admit, the wife gets rambuctuous once or twice a month and actually washes a few for the both of us.

I had a big wash & clean today; 12 beer-glasses...


Prepping for the holidays, eh? :-)

Actually it's prep' for an option on a nice-lass...


Something that the Brits mumble about that we don't have, I think it is called "class".

Partly to release aromas, and partly because good beers sometimes have yeast sediments in the bottle - pour it out carefully into a glass, and you can then drink beer instead of sludge.

I think in actuality, you rent it in bottles. The pouring of it into a glass before drinking gives you that sense of ownership which you might or might not regret later. You can then give yourself permission to drink.

Well I never drink to excess; never...anymore (I did twice and the lessons learned will only be forgotten if I get alzheimer's). But yes, in a sense you rent it, pour it in, it gets process, and then flows out again, to enter back into the "water cycle" and eventually become beer again :-)

Decent beer comes pleasantly cool (cellar temperature) out of a hand pump, not almost frozen nitro-keg.

If you ever get down to Ipswich, I've been introduced to a pub called St Jude's - the beer is all in barrels in a rack behind the bar. No pump, just taps in the barrels.

agreed....optimum temp between 52o & 54 o F.

To be honest, he even drinks decent beer out of the bottle :-(

Well, I don't know exactly what he is up to but it has definitely involved a craft knife and 2 cans of spray paint !! I'll get him to upload a picture once the gift has been given.

Could you fry him a breakfast?


Like the time him and his big brother decided to bake cakes - mixing the ingredients on the lounga carpet.

No thanks.


I was trying to make a "plushie kitty" Big Bang Theory (soft kitty), but I have spent a month on it and have a funny looking blob at the moment....*sigh* I know Think Geek carries them, but I wanted to do an original version....oh well.

A complete set of plans for building a RepRap? A whole MakerBot would be way too expensive (~500 GBP), but the plans ought to be affordable, and give your Dad months of constructive joy :-)

Aye, how about the complete plans to the Starship Enterprise, it might be a few centuries of constructive joy, although sourcing dilithium crystals might put a dent in the project timeline (no telling when McMaster-Carr will have them in stock).

They have models out there, including schematics....

Hm, that is a hard one. Knowing your dad, he would probably like anything to do with star wars, a science book he hasn't yet read (I dunno - maybe one on quantum physics?), or a nice tool he's been eyeing but doesn't yet have (hard to find one he doesn't have already, I know - maybe personalize a tool, like a screwdriver with a yoda handle or something).

Or if you don't like those, maybe just stick with the classics - a portrait (within, of course, a frame of the finest stained mahogany) of Robot, lying in a pool of oil and resistors. His mouth is agape as the last blue sparks within his innermost workings, visible through the gaping hole where his visceral transistors used to be, discharge themselves uselessly. Christy turns away in abject horror and Eric sheds a single, salty tear that runs down the cavern of his features, crossing the great crevasse between his nose and cheekbone to run down to his lips, which he stubbornly refuses to open lest the precious liquid, borne so recently from the eyes which witnessed the last conscious moment of the only thing he ever truly loved, and containing its essence, be lost forever to fade onto his tongue like the memories of the tiny arduino he would have given anything to hold one last time.

Any of those might work.

I heartily approve of disemboweling. May in fact do this for next Halloween, though with slightly less purple prose attached.

I agree with the tool personalization - grab some Sugru and sculpt something geeky.

The twist is that the disemboweling was actually due to...seppukui! DUN DUN DUN

(Directed by M. Night Shamalayn)

your not meant to be on here go away!!!!
besides you dont know which one of these i am going to get our make!!!

Wow. You've been taking 19th C. English Lit, haven't you? A truly awe-inspiring example of steampunk literature, m'lady!

If he likes little creatures but doesn't want the mess of caring for them, CVS and other pharmacies have Zhu-Zhu pets on sale....I got a guinea pig one (it may be a hamster, I am not sure) for my wife :-)

Well, I have also some ideas to discuss but, if you ask me, the best present for Steveastrouk is, to go to him and kiss him from your hearth !!
I think, this would be the best present with a sweet " I love you very much !!!

How about spelling his username correctly? Man, are you going to get yelled at.