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i need a light and motion sensitive cat scaring device. Answered

i need a noise making motion sensitive device that only works when there is no light.

Thoughts: want to use a plug in (no batteries) light sensitive night light (these come on when it's dark) and have it power something that is a motion sensitive noise maker that would scare a cat.  the point being these would go in a bathroom and i only want them to be active if the lights are out.

hopefully cheap as I need to make two of these. willing to rip apart toys or other electronics that are easy to get.

Thanks for any advice


Two words: Blender Defender. Adjust as needed. For example, in case you don't want to include the blender itself.

I have such a device. It's called a "dog".

motion detector(cheap battery operated) and some have lights that light up when activated

May I ask (1) why you don't want the cats in the bathroom, and (2) why simply closing the door wouldn't be cheaper, more effective, and more humane?

apparently flashing LEDs work - Red ones particularly as they think they are another animals eyes.