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i need a movie idea based on a phone call? Answered

so the movie has to have a phone call in it or the main thing in the movie any help would be great thanks 


How about a phone  thats left in a public place and a man Picks it up And gets mysterious Calls gets haunted etc tht sort of thing

This is homework / school project isn't it?


Have you got a phone or are you just using anything? How long exactly and how many persons? I have an idea, but don't know if it'll fit.


i have a phone and its prob around three or four people 

My initial thoughts were on those automated phone lines you get for e.g. booking cinema tickets, massive-corporation numbers where a machine gives you options followed by a number to press.
Person one would be the caller, person two would do the machine-voice. (person three I hadn't worked-in)
They go through the automated menu, getting annoyed until the machine says something freaky like "If you would like to make-out with (named person 3) press 2 followed by the #-key now". That is the machine starts creeping-people out and stalking them in a sinister way.
What you can do with it depends upon the time and your imagination...


TRUE STORY my father told me:..... Back in about 1955... When my dad was younger, it irritated him when anyone would walk up behind him and put their hands over his eyes and say "GUESS WHO?"  My father didn't like that game because he said, "..If i guess WRONG then the child gets mad. and if I guess RIGHT, it spoils the FUN."   So my dad  got GRUMPY and angry when anyone would do that to him...   Well one day, his PHONE  rang... and a little girls voice said, "Guess WHO.!!!"  so my dad got ANGRY and yelled at the girl to stop calling.!!  My dad hung up and never thought about it again... many years passed... 

During those many years, my father was treated hatefully by one of his relatives. My dad never knew why.  A few years later, dads own dad was dieing of cancer... and grandpa said,  "I'm going to be with the Lord soon... son." So,my dad asked his father why the relatives were so mean to my dad.  Grandpa said he didn't know, but if there is any way to send an answer after his death and let dad know... then grandpa would do it for my dad. 

Grandpa finally passed away.... and dad worked in a machine shop late every night.  One night... very late maybe midnight.. , dad heard  the phone ring... and it was very NOISY in the machineshop... but he answered the phone.. and listened for the answer... and dad heard that SAME CONVERSATION played over on the phone.  NOT just the little girl. Dad heard his own voice yelling at  the little girl... "Don't call here anymore!!!"

And my father swore this story was true his whole life.  Dad said it was grandpa, (his dad), who somehow replayed the conversation of dad and that little girl playing the "GUESS WHO?!!!" game that so-irritated my father. And then my father knew why his relatives were so angry with my dad... because he had yelled at their little daughter on the phone so many years ago. Grandpa had kept his promise to answer my dads question. 

If you use this story... I suggest the title should be "Guess Who?"

 Here's the story:

A man leaves a question on a popular website about needing an idea, but the question is a torrential downpour of grammatical errors.  The man on the other end (let's name him Ethan, just a random name out of the blue), Ethan, is irritated and finds the other man's phone number.

A call is received by Clark (another completely random name).


"Is this Clark?"

"Why yes, it is."

"You have a ten minute head start.  Go."

Chaos ensues.

Somebody leaves their cell phone in a coffee shop.  People pick it up and make calls then forget it somewhere else.  THen the next person find it etc.

Work through it. What kinds of  information travel by phone calls? What might be said -- or interrupted -- that would cause the person receiving the call to feel they had to Do Something (preferably something interesting and difficult)? Do they recognize the caller or not? Do they _know_ the caller or not?

Why? Why not? What if? What then?