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i need a new friend im all alone in this world? Answered

i know it sounds kinda dorky but i need a new friend all mine wont talk to me any more i really want one of the oposite sex im a male"female please" and im NOT gay please dont call me that every one calls me gay and im really not



you got pick on. me 2. i know how it feels when u get friends that don't pick on u.but ur lucky. u have several. have 2 or 3 maybe even 5. that's why i joined this thing

i see y u came on this web then, so u can make more friends and be happy i i was u to get a friend be nice to the person u wanna be friends wiv then they will treat u how they wish to be treated and they will concider u as one of your friends and then if anyone trys to pick on u they will stick up for u evan if its there friend

good but how do people pic on u it is not nice to pic on people i reacon if somone pics on u pic on them more thats my advise then if they carry on picing ton u tell somone it helps trust me


8 years ago

Sunshine, I've checked your profile. You are a young adolescent, and that can be a very vulnerable time , particularly for a male.

I don't know what has gone wrong, but I promise you this...; it is temporary! Life changes every day,for worse? yes,- and for better.

You have involved yourself here with your answers in a constructive way. That equals:- you have a lot to give!

If the friend thing is off the radar at the moment, then go somewhere as a volunteer where people worse of than you really need your help.
It is truly the most uplifting thing to see something that shows how well off we ourselves are,-and at the same time realise how the help we can give is so appreciated.

Don't be alone. It will make you reflect and obsess on how down you feel.

If you reach out and help someone up;-then the two of you have been lifted up.

Granny has spoken!! Do as you're told!!!

the info is actualy wrong im 16 i joined two years ago i tried to update it and a maulfuntion acured

It's all comparison! Given my age you are very young!

I hope things are looking up. Don't ever, EVER see yourself as less than anyone else. We are all an important part of the universe.

I have no doubt that there are folk out there who need what you can give,-and in return, you will receive.

And I'm not saying this from a religious viewpoint,-I'm a non-believer, but I do believe in the value of the human spirit, and treating each other with kindness.

you know the lord does love you and whants to be friends with you

Christ is the only one you need people will always mess up he will always be there :)

That's lovely tanis9319, but I prefer to choose my friends myself!

I'm glad that you have a friend though.

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Tanis, When I read your question (and answers ) I can't help but feel concerned and somewhat uneasy over what I'm reading. Just remember you are NEVER alone in this world. as unique as we may think our problems are, there are probably thousands of people with similar issues. It may be the time for some serious self examination. Do you like who you are? If you were someone else would you like you?? If the answer to these questions is yes you would probably do well to find a way to express yourself and convey these qualities to others. If the answer is no, determine what aspects of your life you don't like and try to change them. In order to get others to like you you must first like yourself. You mentioned the so called friends that picked on you. Why? Was it justified or were they not really friends in the first place? Are they even worth having as friends?.They problem may be them and not you. I've seen some good advice from others here and I agree that getting involved in activities is going to give you the best chance at social interaction with your peers. If sports are not your thing What are your interests? Seek out those that you have things in common with. Things aren't going to happen overnight so be patient and set small,realistic goals for yourself. You have already taken the first step by posting this. If things don't seem to improve, talk to your school counselor, that's what they are there for. Best of luck to you Tanis.

do i know you or something you text verry familiar and any way i gess it aint too hard to gess my name

Tanis, No, We've never met. I don't have any kids but I have Nieces and Nephews your age and I know the kind of things they go through. They can't always talk to their parents about some stuff but luckily they find they can talk to my wife and myself. If you can't talk to your Mom, perhaps an Aunt or Uncle, Grandparent, or another adult might be able to assist. Just make sure it is someone you can trust. As you can see, there are several people here that are willing to give any advice we can with limited knowledge of your situation. "Z" has also offered some good advice. Helping others can help you feel better about yourself and a better self image will show. Others will see that. I also agree with Framistan (and I quote) "Talk to old people about this... we LOOK stupid, but we know a lot of interesting stuff --IF YOU ASK US. Don't give up. STAY AWAY from drugs and alcohol. ...."


8 years ago

Are you looking for a friend who is a girl or looking for a girlfriend? In either case, you have to go to where the girls are. Maybe the mall, or an arcade, school or church dances. Hell, you know better than I where they hang. Make sure your appearance is appropriate for wherever you go. Clean hair, freshly bathed, deodorized and a light splash of cologne are a must. Look around, try and make eye contact, and if you see someone who you think might be interested, say hi. Don't be pushy and don't get discouraged if you don't meet someone the first time out. Keep trying. One thing is for sure, sitting at home staring at a computer monitor all day won't improve your chances of meeting someone.

you see i never have had a friend who is a girl just males and i think that is why everyone thinks im gay and any way i have a fiancae (if only i could spell) but that doesnt seem to convience people

i dont sit here long i come here after school to kill some time befor i go home

but i dont get out much since my mother dont trust me for some reason

i wont pick any as best answer so i dont afind any one


8 years ago

why won't your friends talk to you anymore? You can join a sport or some sort of activity group to meet new people.

i dont know why but they did pick on me alot:(

Maybe you are shy or maybe stuck-in-a-rut doing the same thing every day. That was my problem too when i was young. Dont worry about it too much, you will grow out of it. Try to break out of your daily routine that is getting you nowhere. Try to make new friends... go to a church or some other religions church.You never know who you might meet. Break out of your mold get a new hobby learn magic tricks, get a JOKE book and learn 2 or 3 good jokes to tell. Practice repeating them to yourself before trying to perform them in a group. It is better to be a good LISTENER than a talker when making friends though. LOTS of things you could try... ask advise of your school counselor. Go to the library and look at the self-help book section. Talk to old people about this... we LOOK stupid, but we know a lot of interesting stuff --IF YOU ASK US. Dont give up. STAY AWAY from drugs and alcohol. .... Those are the things i wish someone would have told ME when i was young and lonely. I'm 54 now... good luck to you ! PS... praying might help too.

Meeting people is the first step. Go out and get involved in something -- theater, music, sports, whatever kind of group activity interests you most. Then, to make friends, be a friend -- don't push too hard, but just be around and be helpful and be interested in what they're doing. Ask for help occasionally, especially when you know it's something they can help you learn. It sounds like you're at an age where being in a group which includes girls, so you can hang out with them without it being in any way "a date" or anything like that, is your best bet. Then... relax. It takes time. It ALWAYS takes time. Final point: If _none_ of your friends will talk to you now, you'd better ask yourself what you're doing wrong and fix it.

(I should note that sometimes the answer to what you're doing wrong is that you selected the wrong friends in the first place... but that too is something to consider fixing.)