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i need a sniper rifle fast! Answered

someone post me a sniper rifle that looks cool long has at least ammo of five plz!!!


the gun needs to shoot yellows or up NO lower than yellow that meens no blue no white or green

Im building an L96A1 sniper rifle, and it shoots yellows 80+ feet, accurate up till 50 feet. its not finished yet, but im working on it, sorry about that, dont get a lot of time to play with knex.

Title: 'i need a sniper rifle fast!' Your post: Over a year later. This: Fail.


10 years ago

I might be doing a mod on my soon to be posted rifle to to hold 4-6 (maybe 7 depends on how big I can make the mag before it interferes with the scope

Build the L96. I tried and i have nowhere enough knex to make that beast. P.s. I have about 1600 knex pieces.

try my rifle, good, powerfull, range is good, an holds* 6 ammo on the gun

*you have to load the ammo you self