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i need a soldering iron? Answered

high quality, decently priced



8 years ago

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Well, you can spend as much as you want on an iron. For a temperature controlled station, you can get a decent one for under 50.00 if you shop around (like my cheapo Velleman). But you can also spend up to 150 dollars, and you'll pretty much get what you pay for. Beyond that, you're getting into bragging rights territory. Hakko, Weller, and Velleman are all pretty popular with hobbyists. Aoyue seems to be offering some good values, as well. Weller has a good reputation. But just to highlight the difference in cost, the one that Brenn10 links has power-control, which is much inferior to temperature-control. For a temp-controlled Weller, you have to up the ante quite a bit. Wellers seem popular for people in the industry.. kinda like the way you see every construction worker in America carrying a DeWalt cordless drill.

i think most thin 20 - 30 W irons are ok beware of irons with 2 entries in the plug. i had 240 V of shocking experience with them. use irons with earth irons with bad plastic that melt themselfes (common in some ultra cheap irons)

Which iron is best depends on what you're trying to solder. If you're working on solid-state electronics, I strongly recommend sticking with a 25W iron. That will not let you work as fast, but it will also be much likely to cook your components. If you're soldering larger things like power switches, which soak up heat, a 40W iron may indeed be worthwhile. So I'd recommend a handle that takes interchangable heating elements and interchangable tips. These are available cheap from just about anyone who sells electronic supplies, and they work perfectly well. I'm still using one I bought more than 30 years ago, though I did have to replace a heating element once.


9 years ago

I personally use a 40 watt iron from radioshack. it is a bit overkill for most things, and it is only $15. The 15 watt iron ifrom radioshack s better suited for electronics, and has a sharper tip, so is better for more detailed work. I have used one of the solder stations with variable tempatures, and those are really great to use, but are slightly ore exspensive. I believe frys electronics has some soldering irons also.

Check the tool section at your nearest department stores, your hardware stores, etc. Shop around. There are good bargains online through various sellers, but then you'll have to wait for shipping. The best bargain will likely be a basic stick-type soldering iron. Im thinking in Canadian dollars here, but I can easily find them for $10-15.

(You don't need to post the same question three times) People will find it easier to recommend a store if they know roughly where you live.