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i need extra help fixing and modding my guitar can some one help? Answered

im triing to put diode clipping distrotion
to my guitar and i cant figure out what i did wrong and until i fix this i cant play because i dont want to damage my new strings
can someone please tell me what to do


Nothing you do to the electronics of your guitar can have ANY effect on your new strings.

But this instructable you link to is for an AMP not a guitar.

Any effect should be added outside of the guitar not inside except maybe a preamp. 

+1 Re-design, outside the guitar for these "simple" effects. The problem you are having is that you want to clip the signal (distortion) but there isn't enough signal coming from the guitar to distort. The diodes need amplification before them in order to work properly. Throw a preamp in there and you'll get the desired result.


LOL. There's already a lengthy discussion between fastcar123 any myself on that instructable, explaining this in detail...

Fastcar123: please reread the instructable. If you really understand how the diode forward voltage creates the clipping effect, you'll also understand why you need to boost the signal...

ok i just want to play and because the large hole is already drilled in the guitar i have no choice


check that instructable out, it worked for me and you might be able to fit it inside of a guitar. But note that the CFL bulb's transistor usually doesn't work.

I bet you could still fit a boost circuit somewhere inside the guitar...

A word of advice to all out there: always prototype before actually modding anything. The prototype will identify any problems with a design, allowing you to correct it before you permanently alter your target object, in this case, a guitar.