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i need headers... that fit.? Answered

so my set up is, I have a 366 big block from a 2 ton grain truck. and before you say there is no such thing, it is a real motor. I have one, it is the smallest big block but its a big block. with a SM465 granny tranny and NP 205. normal headers wont fit the starter is in a weird position the starter solenoid is in the way. I need to find cheap headers that will work? do you know where I can get some? this pic was taken without the starter on. we tried to put the starter in afterwards and ya it did not work lol


. You may be able to find headers for another tall-deck BB (eg, mid-70s 427) that will work.

its not so much the motor its the style bellhousing I have. thats what I did to get the headers I have now, you know what I mean lol

. Ah. If you needed headers for a classic Mustang, I could probably help you locate them, but I haven't done much with Chevys in quite some time. I suggest searching for something like "big block" +(Chevy OR Chevrolet) +forum. Pick one that looks good and ask there.
. Hard to tell from the pics, but it looks like you only need about ¼" - do some "body work" on the header tube(s) that interfere. Not the best solution, but, with your "oddball" setup, it may turn out to be your easiest choice.
. Don't forget to install a heat shield for the starter.

sorry that I didn't put all this info in my question, but the ones that I have wont work there in no space for them inside the frame rails due to starter position. this motor was in a considerably larger rig, so there was room for all the stuff where it was but my much smaller 3/4 ton rig dose not have that room. I am thinking I will have to get fender well exit, but that is a bit expensive. or just something that will run just outside the frame rails.

. Changing the bellhousing should be reasonably cheap if the 366 has the same bolt pattern as a more popular BB. But I'm guessing you've already investigated that - if not, someone on one of the forums from my prev post should be able to help. . . What are you building? Is this going to be a show truck? Daily driver? Work horse?

I looked at that but the flyweel I have is larger than normal due to the amount of torque this thing puts out so I need that bellhousing. I was looking at getting a lakewood Blow Proof Bellhousing, kinda expensive but worth it. and its just a toy, kinda a go anywhere do anything truck lol