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i need help finding a suitable gearbox and clutch! Answered

i am trying to make a somewhat small steam engine car or tank and i need to find a gearbox(preferably one i can fit a 5/16 shaft into) that i would like to have metal gears but it doesnt have to be. also the steam engine is low rpm(around 100 rpm) ive looked all over the internet and all i could find are ones for small electric motors with high rpm. the cluthc isnt nescesary but it would be nice. if you have any plans or anything helpfull i would greatly apreciate it.


Pulleys and belts are easier to manufacture and deal with if you have the machinery and skills to make the steam engine.

A toothed belt and suitable cog may be available if you consult a machinery supplier.

If you have a larger hole then block it up and re drill to suit your 5/16ths (Oh ho I have grown to dislike imperial measurements.)

Gears of course can be made - by hand hacksaw and file if necessary.

Strip down a cordless drill and steal the planetary gear box.

Strip down a toy with a gear box in it. There are lots about.

Direct drive from the motor shaft onto the wheel will give a good turn down depending on the wheel size.

+1 on old power tools and toys as a source of gears.


6 years ago

Thanks guys i apreciate it