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i need help getting my speedometer to work? Answered

 i built the truck from the ground up so i am a good mechanic, i know what i am doing for the most part. but i am not sure if my speedometer is any good. the speedometer gear in the transfer case is good and working. and the speedometer cable is fine and it is hooked up properly. but wont show my speed, can the speedometer go bad? any advice will help thanks 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Disconnect the cable from the speedometer and position it so you or a passenger can see the cable inside the sheath. Drive forward slowly and if the cable spins freely, it is the speedometer. If it doesn't spin it is either the cable, or the cable gear in the transfer case.
The common problems are the cable receptacle in the speedometer are worn and the cable is spinning inside it or the speedometer is broken inside. The shoulders on the cable are worn and rounded, or the gear is not meshing or broken in the transfer case or the cable is broken.

 i'll give that a try tomorrow and i hope it's not the gear in the transfer case cus it was fine when i put it together thanks for the advice 

If every thing looks good I'd guess at a linkage-failure. Do you get movement at the speedo end of the cable (speedo removed)? If you do, can you run the speedo from an electric screwdriver/drill? The device might "stick" but if it doesn't look broken it probably isn't.


 i'll try that with a drill thats a good thought thanks 


8 years ago

Try taking apart and cleaning the speedo unit. Make sure the speedo cable isn't bent to sharp. Who knows, could be as simple as that.

Great job otherwise.  A project like that takes a lot of dedication and commitment.

 the cable is fairly straight there are only two small bends in it. and ya tell me about it two years ago i went and picked the frame up from a friend of mine, and about a week ago i got it licensed and insured.  

If the cable is turning at the spedo end then the problem is in the head. 

Don't bother taking it apart.  They are precision instruments and you aren't likely to get it back together in working order.  Head to the local used parts lot.  There should be a ton of trucks that use similar heads and you should be able to find a good one cheap.

Put your work time into finishing your truck.

 there is a pick and pull in the next town over i see if they have one thats where i got my clutch pedals from thanks for the info