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i need help putting a circut together :P *im some what pathetic* Answered

ok so i know how every thing works for this. i will play a song and it will be split into 1 a speaker and the other a op amp to get rid of the negitave voltage whitch i feed into a micro controler to tell it what to change the colors of the RBG LED to change to with sertain parts of the song " i will do this cauze electrity gose up and down  so whe  its in middle i could have it green top red bottem blue"
and then i will have the micro controler open sertain ground conections to light up the right color the RBG led eill contantly be powered.
"im bad with remebering names so sry if icant tell you the name"


basicly i cant figure out how to set it all up together so i need help

making a circut board layout and parts list

So what do you need help with? You've explained what you want, ruffly, but haven't mentioned what your having trouble with.