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i need help wiring a lighted rocker switch to a transformer. Answered

I have a power board from a guitar amp that is missing its AC power jack. The Lighted switch and transformer are still there but all of the wiring has been cut out and i am not sure how to wire it back up. I took the three prong jack out of an old computer power supply and am having a hell of a time figuring out what the correct way to wire this up is.  The switch is an 8A 250V lighted switch with 3 posts on it, the transformer has a white, black and brown wire (center), of which the brown was coiled up and zip tied not in use. The white wire has a corresponding 0V on the top of the transformer, the brown 100V, and the black 120V.  An explanation of what wires should go where would be sweet. Thanks in advance.


ONE of the connections on the switch needs to go to NEUTRAL. The other two switch the live.

Take a voltmeter and buzz it out to find the connections. Two connections will switch on/off - the other is the neutral;

Take incoming mains live to the switch. Take switched live to the BLACK wire.

Take a WHITE neutral to the switch pin previously identified, and the white from the transformer.

Job done.


So just that I am clear on this, the power jack has three prongs one is the ground the other two are power one of which is live or hot (black), the other is neutral (white). i pick one of the two power posts and attach a white wire to it the other a black (it doesn't matter which is which right?). I take the black wire from the power in to one side of the switch, run a black wire from the other side of the switch to the black wire on the transformer. Then i attach the other end of the white wire from the power in to the neutral on the switch? and what do i attach the white wire coming from the transformer to? do i join the white wires together and then to the switch neutral post? I know i have done this before but for some reason this has got me all confused.

Tie the whites at the incoming power connector is probably the tidiest way.


I did, I actually need to get a new switch, this one is not working anymore. I am going to try and find a replacement at the local radio shack. Otherwise i'll order one online from mouser or someplace. I found the exact one on mouser #691-622121-BB-NB but you need to order a min. of 1,000 so i could get this one instead. its mouser part # 691-LRA910RSB/250N

Oh yeah, and if the light stays on, swap the two live wires around.