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i need ideas! Answered

nevermind, i have something to work on.


a powerful true semi auto.

hmm, well, i had a idea for that. but it will have to wait because i have two projects to make.

so what are your guns, all i can say about mine is that one of them is a double barrel break-action shot gun.

okay I'm trying to come up with a better version of Z.The only problem is that Z was the better version of Q(a secret project that only me and 1 other person knew about).So maybe we could collaborate on the ultimate fake bolt action?

hmm, thats a idea. for the ultimate fake bolt action we would want a relestic bolt. i just made one we can use.

I made a true bolt action, but it was only a prototype, I am probably going to make a better one soon. You might have seen it on KI.

anyone got ideas? i am ready to start building.

hmm, theres a idea, i would need to find some way to unhook the bullets from there chain.

Hey dsman195276, I made a turret with 16 barrels on it that is very compact, but I do not have enough pieces available right now to make all the barrels if you want I can send you the design and you could maybe make a machine gun pistol kind of thing.

hmm, interesting idea. i would love to see the barrels, as it is hard to make the barrels compact period, not concerting 16 barrels.

I'll take some pics and send them to you via PM.