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i need more amps for my hho generator.......HELPPPPPPP Answered

i've built a hho generator (the spiral electrodes kind) and am trying to use it as a welder
i use salt as my electrolyte (should i use something else???)
does anyone know of a way how i could get more amps to speed up gas production or of any way i could get more preasure
(+maybe my gas isn't pure enough because i use salt as an electrolyte, could that be it?)


i am use hho shell in my bike but when i am start my hho shell than my battery discharge ni few minute

Stop using salt as an electrolyte. It WILL make your electrolyser produce chlorine gas, which WILL kill you or cause serious health problems in a high enough concentration. If you dont mind and are careful with using a corrosive electrolyte, I would recommend sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH). If you do not feel comfortable using a corrosive elctrolyte, then use baking soda, borax, sodium acetate or vinegar. Out of the 4 farely safe electrolytes I just mentioned, Sodium acetate mixed with vinegar is the best to use in my opinion. It does not make your electrolyser produce carbon dioxide (baking soda does), and the water seems to stay cleaner than with baking soda. To make sodium acetate, fill up you electrolyser jar/bottle or reservoir with vinegar, and then SLOWLY add your desired amount of baking soda. If the jar overflows with foam, that is ok, it does not matter if you lose some vinegar. After you finish adding baking soda, fill up the remaining space in the jar with water. you can then use that jar full of sodium acetate/vinegar and water for your electrolyser.

Now for the other problem that you mentioned.
What kind of power supply are you using? If it has a farely high amp output (about 20 amps) then all you need to do to get more gas output is add more electrolyte. If you have a low amp power supply, then get a new power supply (car battery with a car battery charger, or maybe a modified computer power supply).

disclaimer: I can not and will not be held responsible for any property damages and/or injuries that may arise from your decision to follow my advice.

good luck with your experiments.

Either 1) Get a new power supply ( probably quite expensive, but I once found a 50 amp power supply for free on craigslist etc depending on where you are). 2) Rewind a MOT (microwave oven transformer) you will get depending on how you rewind it you can get massive amounts of current. Then make a rectifier circuit to get the DC required for HHO production. You could also find a different core for a transformer but this is probably the easiest.

ammm...could i use one of those old CRT monittors instea of a microwave? i have NO idea how i'd rewind one of those though...any help???

Not really... moniters wouldn't give enough input current to be able to produce low crrent output. IT would also be very hard to remove only the secondary widings with all the windings and taps in one sealed unit.

Ok this is my first comment so bear with me. I believe that potassium sulfide is a much better electrolyte from what I have read when I was playing with hho, it produces more gas and doesn't corrode your electrodes as fast as salt does. As far as your problem tho I don't think that is your problem, can you post more details of your setup? Like what metal are you using for your electrodes, what is your power source, are you using pulse width modulation, how big is your reaction enclosure, things like that. Hope my comment stimulates your brain cells.