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i need one DIY CNC ready use Answered

i need DIY CNC, for help my job.  This CNC will be use for make SHAPE of Teflon as like degree that i need. So pls give me information who can supply DIY CNC ready use and the price?



Were are you

Can you access Ebay

Do you have a second hand tool shop locally

How big

What type of machine

What budget

Search instructables for CNC there are several described.

How can we answer this question on such vague information.

My mind, who can make and I will buy. I need portable ones, for object size 15 cm X 15 cm.


6 years ago

Here is a pointer to a snap CNC for under $600...


DIY means "do (buid) it yourself". Google "cnc" and pick the one that you think will work best for you. We certainly have no idea what your needs are.