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i need small motors to make little helicopters with just a motor receiver and led does any one know how? Answered

just a small dc motor with a receiver,battery,and LED.real simple and i can make masses of them



i have to build a cheapest just flying helicopter.....suggest me some ideas......

i want to make a simple helicoter only flying with out remot control with cheap cost

pls give me result how to make it email is slsudheer6@gmail.com

i think the cheapest and smallest DC motor that your going to find is the motor in your cellphone.

inside your cellphone there's a small motor in there, that motor is the main reason that's why your cellphone is vibrating.

its very tiny and its a 3.7 volt but that depends on the battery of your phone.

cellphone vibration motor.jpg

Helicopters are very complicated it they fly.  You'll need a speed control to hook to the receiver.  They don't all have them built in.  Unless you use counter rotating blades you'll need a second channel and motor for the tail rotor.  The tail rotor fights the torque of the main blade.  With out a tail rotor all you copter will do is spin and if it gets off the ground you will have no control.  You'll need some gearing and framework.

If you were going to build some planes that would be simpler.  And even simpler still would be a bunch of cars.

You need to find some cheap helicopter kits.

Please let me know the specifications of the motor to be used in the main heli rotor......

Re-design's answer is still correct. "Equal and opposite reaction" -- without either counter-rotating blades or a tail rotor, the copter will spin in the opposite direction and very little energy will be transferred to the blades to actually lift it.

(I suppose it might be possible to design something with high-drag outriggers to resist rotation. Inefficient, and adds weight which requires a faster motor which requires more resistance which...)