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i need somebody out there who could help me fix my controller? Answered

i was playing and i dropped my new ps3 controller with the xbox360 button layout and the back r1 and r2 broke and i cant play. i payed about 70$ for it and ill pay 20$ if you can fix it.


If its brand new then contact the manufacture about a replacement under warranty.


6 years ago

Are these new ps3 with the xbox360 games sooo  realistic to make you
drop it ??

Wow tie it around your neck........  and when you are militarily age... Don't !


This happens quite a bit, and that's why they sell replacement buttons (as gluing them back together isn't exactly an ideal fix). So what you need are the replacement buttons, and a #8 Torx screwdriver. (links are to Amazon).

Once you have all the parts, lay the top of the controller down and use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the back. The image I've included shows what the insides will look like. (Ensure you don't lose any parts or screws).

The 2 buttons you need to replace are held together with pins. (You'll see them once you have it all opened up). Remove any left over broken button and install the new buttons. Take the time to carefully clean the controller if needed (since you already have it open), then replace the back cover and screws.

That should take care of it (as long as you don't drop it again). :)