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i need sumthing to make out of knex any suggestions? Answered

cutest dog yoll ever see right here!! and bumblebee car


aww man i tryed and failed to even make da chassis :-(

How about setting yourself a challenge. Build a Bumblebee car out of yellow connectors!!!!

cuz i dont have crap 4 cardboard and i have a paper airplane book

this 1 doesnt bark like crazy like my other 3 and sumtimes my boston terrier

Why does it have to be knex? As an engineering toy it's pretty good, above lego and below mechano, but why limit yourself eh? You could make something out of wood or card or paper.

If your looking for something few people have done then few people are going to be able to give you any good suggestions.

BTW, not the cutest dog you'll ever see... most annoying and useless dog maybe. Chiwawas are better clasified as a large rat rather then a small dog. However that is one of the coolest/affordable sports car around. But thats all beside the point here don't you think?


5 years ago

A spell checker?