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i need to build a simple wheelchair for school any tip asap? Answered



2 bike wheels s smaller wheels for the front and a garden chair the rest is drawing and wood work.

LOOK at what commercial wheelchairs do and look like.

I need someting simple very small the size of a big match box

It has to be a working model
plz help asap
we in the month of ramadaan us muslims and i cant think propley so plz help

The pictures should help - Use cardboard for the chair and wheels and wooden skewers for the axles.

The shape is nice and square to make it easy to make.

you may be able to find a suitable box to save having to make one.


Take a chair and put 4 wheels on it making sure to use swivel wheel on the front!?

If your looking for more then that then we need more information about what you want from the wheelchair and the environment it will be used in.

Use Lego wheels. You will have a hard time finding swivel wheels that small.

Maybe you could borrow a wheeled office chair from school.
Then just "dress up" the office chair to look like
a wheel chair. For example to could attach big cardboard wheels
to the chair and they would be just barely off the ground and would not
actually spin. The office chair's wheels would be doing
all the rolling.