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i need to interface a cmos camera with an arduino. Can anybody help me out ???? Answered

Later part of the project would include live streaming of the camera input, or probably  some image processing of the same.


Unless your able to program a raw PIC chip to do this I don't think it is possible. Few of the hobby PICs have the grunt to drive video fro many reasons.

You will be far better off using a PC for the controller - There are several free and cheap web cam programmes out there - eg Debut -

A older PC should do it even a slow PC will support web cam use.

The Arduino isn't some miracle controller. It has limits to what it can do. And handling video like your suggesting goes way beyond it's limits.

Why do you need to interface a cmos camera with an arduino, is it a rule or condition?


I sincerely doubt you can do it with an arduino. It doesn't have the throughput for video.