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i need to know is a cheap £1 slingshot with 0.75cm thick elastic allright for hunting Answered

and also what animal i should hunt and with what ammo i dont know if i need a liscense i live in the uk


It's probably "ok" for hunting, but to be honest a slingshot is best for target shooting. It isn't a very accurate weapon, leaving it more likely that you'll injure an animal rather than stun or kill it. Still, it's ok for small game like rabbits and hares. Check up on your local regulations on small game and what you're allowed to hunt with. Here, a minor can snare-hunt only. For adults the rules on the use of slingshots, guns, and arrows are dictated by the animal's size. Your region's rules may vary. The best ammunition for hunting is stainless-steel ball-bearings. You can find ball-bearings for slingshots in any store that sells slingshots, pellet guns, etc. These are more hygenic and very accurate. For target shooting, you can just use gravel or just about anything you can find.

That's not a good measure of accuracy. What you must do is purchase or make some paper targets and aim for the bulls eye. Fire as many (ideally 50 or more) rounds as you can. Now check the spread. How many bulls eyes? How many hit the target? How many missed completely. I'll bet you'll find that it's much less accurate than a handgun or rifle. Practically, it means: Can you be almost certain to hit your game, in a vital area, in a wilderness-environment, and from a similar distance? With a slingshot, your aim improves with practice, but it's always going to be inferior to a lot of other weapons.

ye i know i have 4 empty and 2 full cans then get them all down in 1 minute 1and dont miss one

I've got a trumark slingshot http://www.slingshots.com/ that I use for bringing down cats that are after my chickens. It's a bit more powerful than yours I'm guessing. I use .50 lead balls, but I only have two of them so I have to clean them after each kill. They pack a mighty wallop, but for smaller stuff such as squirrels and varmints, the largest steel bb's you can find (0.25 minimum) should bring them down. I have a special band on mine that brings up the velocity to about 350 fps.