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i need to know this movie. Answered

 this is a lot to ask i know, but, i remember watching a movie with my father when i was younger, im 16 now, and im pretty sure it had to do about money laundering or counterfeit money. i remember this guy throwing money into a laundry machine or something. im sorry i was probably 5 or 6 years old when i saw it. i think i would know the name of the movie, cuz my mom told me once. it would probably be an action movie. 

i know this is very vague and i will appreciate any feed back. so ya...

p.s. id rather not ask my mother...



This is going to sound kind of out in left field, but  I think I was watching this same thing.  It had Jenny McCarthy, and some guy (male actor) in this sort of weird montage showing all the different steps of them producing near-perfect counterfeit USD notes, and it had good music, and a bunch of slow-motion-stop-motion effects. So you got to see the money in a dryer, tumbling in slow motion, kinda hypnotic.

I think it was a TV show, not a movie, specifically episode 15 of a short-lived (1 season) show on Fox called "Fastlane".  This particular episode was titled "Popdukes".  This aired in 2003. The summary from IMDB
After being released from prison, Van's father, Raymond, is almost killed in a drive-by shooting, payback for double-crossing a Nigerian crime lord. Van and Deaq with the help of Raymond and a fellow counterfeiter, Gretchen, will have to come up with a plan to bust the crime lord, but with Raymond constantly jeopardizing the case, Van will have to work hard to keep him out of trouble and out of jail.
By the way, the chronology maybe doesn't quite jive with yours.  This was 6 years ago, so you would have been 10, not 5.

Anyway, realizing Jenny McCarthy was the critical element in this weird memory,  I chased down the link to this particular episode via a search through her filmography on IMDB.  It says she was in just one episode of this one-season series, namely the one linked above. She played Gretchen.

Or I could be wrong, and you were watching some other movie.


8 years ago

It wouldn't happen to be 'Catch Me If You Can' with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, would it?


8 years ago

 The one movie that comes to mind is Lethal Weapon (4?).  One of the Lethal Weapon movies has a character named "Benny Han" and he runs a counterfeit money operation and they wash the money with poker chips to soften them up and make them feel like they've been in circulation. 

Seconded- that was the first to come to my mind.


**and the age fits - 11 year old movie makes for a 5 year old kid :D

I've seen several movies which have had this action.