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i need to make 150$ in two days please help!!!! ? Answered

i need to make 150$ in two days but i am to young to get a job



borrow or build a bicycle generator and ride the bike. it will reduce your electric bill and your parents can pay you the difference and if you get a team of bikes and some friends you can not only power your whole house but sell the electricity back to the electric company at a premium. but hmm in two days..well you'll need several people doing this for hours.

mow as many lawns as you possibly can for as many neighbors as you possibly can.........

Selling plasma should get you at least $20 for two hours of sitting in a chair. It's not all, but then you;d only have to worry about $130.

Many areas will no longer permit paying for blood/plasma donations, since that tends to get donors with health issues and thus is not a good source except _possibly_ for epidemiological research. And, of course, they generally won't take blood or blood products from kids under 16, and even then they'd insist on parental approval. But the general approach of breaking it down into a number of separate effortss rather than trying to get it all in one swell foop is a good one.

sell your computer or tv


8 years ago


Borrow it - use things you own as security on the loan. Then think about getting the cash over a longer period of time. L

Talk to your parents. Find out if there's a job you can do for them that they'll pay you in advance for -- snow shovelling all winter, perhaps, if that isn't already one of your chores and if you're reliable. Otherwise: Learn to plan ahead. That too is part of growing up.

That's a hard one. Do you have anything to sell? Or pawn? If you pawn it you can get it back if you pay back with interest before the deadline.

Carwash marathon. Sell your dad's car.

idk if youre into this but take up a babysitting job or something and ask for pay in advance.. i do it and i get about 150 a week, if you can, find someone that you can watch their kids if they need someone and ask if they can pay you ahead of time for your services :) just a thought.

car wash maybe or do some chores for niebourghs or family members like mow there lawn and such. and also if you get pocket money ask for it early. hope this helps!