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i need to make a case for a tablet, i though of abs plastic, or carbon fiber, any sugestion would be good, thanks? Answered

i´m trying to make a tablet out of a old laptop, going to put a touchscreen, so keyboard won't be needed, so i just have to mod the current case or make a new one, the laptop is a siemens fujitsu amilo pro v2000, i also don't need the cd reader. i´ll need to plug a usb touchscreen, but the connections part is all set up, so the problem now is the case and the os, any help will be apreciated, if the project takes off, i´ll make my first instructable, help please, and forgive my english please, i'm portuguese


Balsa wood and body putty are fantastic prototyping materials. Cheap, Easy to cut, bend and sand. Plastic will be more expensive because of the metal molds. Carbon Graphite and Fiberglass are much easier for a one time project. Make your wood prototype right and you could use it to make a sand mold. Then you could just pour in some melted aluminum cans. And have a cast aluminum case?

Unbolting the existing screen, and reattaching it upside down, covering the keyboard would work - you wouldn't need to fab a new case that way - just a new hinge - AND your keyboard would be accessible if need be.


9 years ago

for the os, i would use windows xp tablet edition. you will probably need to buy an oem license off ebay or frys. for the case, carbon fiber sounds cool, but exspensive.... plastic is much cheaper and easier to work with. duct tape is always easy... :P what would be cool is if you could mill a case out of lightweight aluminum..