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i need to make a cheap mp3 player .. it must be helpful to a beginer like me with no programming idea... thank you? Answered


You can't make one cheaper than you can buy one, strictly speaking, but if you want something like an iPod Touch, you possibly could but it would take ages to get to the level of programming skill involved which would still make buying one a better deal.

you could get a cheap already made board with a mp3 decoder chip that has been mostly programmed. i don't think making it from scratch is a good idea because you have to make a PCB board, learn a bunch of electronics and programming to get it done.

actually I am "making" a mp3 player right now, but not from scratch. I found a good schematic, got a friend to make a PCB board for me, and am still working on programming stuff.

if you really want to make a mp3 player, learn some C programming, it's fun and incredibly necessary. there are also some good kits out there that you can use, but they are rather expensive.

You won't make one any more cheaply than you can buy one.


As has been said: not possible. I would add that you could go to almost any store that sells electronics and find an mp3 player for somewhere around $20. It's not really even worth the hasle for someone who does know how to do it because these mp3 players are so cheap these days.

Not possible, with no programming skills.