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i need to make a trigger for a project it is made of 2 pieces of wood? Answered

It uses 1in wood balls and i have a cd spindle top holding the ball. Also it use stretch cords



8 years ago

Use a screen door hook latch. Mount the hook to the base and the eye to the moving arm. You can disengage the hook with your finger or tie a piece of string to it and do it remotely.
You can get cheap ones for about a dollar at any hardware store.


just use a zip tie!

cut it when you want to fire

ok wont work it has to sit on the floor and the trigger had to be attached

From looking at the pics it fires to the left in a upward swing.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  You could use a eye and hook between the two boards and have a string to the hook to pull it to fire.

it does cause of the hinge being bent and thanks for the idea

So it goes TWANG! and throws something? What's the problem you need help with - the release mechanism - what sort of triggering do you want?


it has to have somekind of triger to fire and im stuck on what i can do i was thinking a latch but i dont have the money to build that im a struggling college student

How about tying it with with thread, and rigging up a razor-blade pull on it?
Or getting some screw-eyelets and a pin?


What's moving ? What's fixed ? 

the top board fires the ball of the spindle top and you hold the bottom half. I need a triger and release it from cocking position and a way so it stays in the cocked position.

the red cord is just holding it for now so i could look at it