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i need to make mud!!!!!? Answered

 i need to make mud to put on a model car and im not sure on how


I'd mix some dusty soil with matte finish polyurethane, pour of the extra resin, and dab on sparingly with a toothpick or old brush.

Use a toothbrush for streaks to suggest mud flung by spinning tires.

a great way to make a diorama is using polyfilla, to make the surface have texture. im sure u can use the same thing, kust put some of the stuff on wax paper, wait for it to dfry, paint it, peel it off, and glue it to ur car.

You could use super glue liquid/gel. After application put a coating of baking powder on it. It dries quickly into a rough solid shape. Then paint it to look like mud.


8 years ago

Go outside with your shovel and a bucket, and grab some dirt. Bring it inside, put it under your sink, and add a bit of water and stir. Keep doing this, but make sure it is still pretty thick. If it is too thin, it wont dry. Wait a few minutes, until it is almost clay like and spoon it on to your car. Press it down with your hands. Wait for it to dry. You will want to cover it with some hot glue to make sure it doesn't fall off after a while. Hope I could help!

If you're looking for something more dimensional than paint, you can build up the muddy areas with superglue gel, then paint over the glue. Alternately, if you want major realism, mix a few drops of matte clear with some dirt, and apply with a paintbrush.

 If you mean model mud, I would go with either a thin layer of clay or just use brown paint.

The usual recipe for mud is soil (or dirt) mixed with water.  Add the water slowly, while stirring, until the desired consistency is reached.  You can buy large bags of soil, and bottles of water, at most home improvement stores.  You may also be able to find less costly resources in your backyard or a nearby park.