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i need to no how to wire an antenna Answered

hi i made an antenna for my hand held scanner but i don't know how o wire it do i just run one stright wire from the antenna to the scanner??


2 connectors on the antenna 1 for center wire in coax 1 for braid in coax use approapriate connector for the back of scanner center wire to center of connector on back of scanner braid goes to (for SO 239 connector) to threaded nut

so i got coax cable do i just use the copper line that's in there and connect it to the antenna an the scanner there's like fuzzy stuff on the wire to what do i do with that as well?


9 years ago

There are a lot of different antenna design types: quarter-wave, half-wave dipole, etc. Their operation depends on precise dimensions, so it's important that the connecting wire not become an "active" part of the antenna. That means using well-shielded cable between the device and the antenna. Coaxial cable is ideal...