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i need to sort a few thousand microchips. Answered

i have over the years acquired several thousand microchips. some i have 20 or so of and some i only have 1 of, i need to sort them ALL. i need some sort of VERY cheap or even better, homemade. storage system for them all. any ideas?


is there anything that you buy a lot of (like, for instance, coffee or soup) that has a container that you could store the chips in? me and my bro did that with our large, large knex (and don't judge me because of that. I usually make actual useful stuff. I've only built one gun, it sucked, I didn't make an instructable, end of story) collection, and it worked pretty well.

If you run into any 6581, 6582, or 8580's, let me know (they're the SID chips from Commodore 64 and later computers).

Sure, like the tubes chips come in when you order from TI. And by "get me some tubes right now" I mean go search the net for a reasonable priced product that I can have delivered right to my office door.

And before you start sorting get some magnifying glasses or you'll go blind and not the fun way.

The tube idea is fantastic. I gotta go get me some tubes right now.