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1 night stand w/ knex Answered



8 years ago

What are the yellow tabbed cons for in the stock? Thanks.

Hey KILLERK i built a tr-18 with this body should it be changed to this or something else or is it up to date. also, what is the best ammo for it?

Picture 6.png

the best ammo is fin ammo an yes i recommend building my new TR8 it is incredibly reliable and built for wars


lol be careful with that man lol your fins should look like this man for the best result its a complicated process sorta but with time you can get em really good


k ill mak anew one :-(. should i take apart ma tr18 for the tr8?

idk... it depends on what u want outta a gun... if your looking for reliability easy of use an power id say keep em both lol... honestly i luv em both however id say keep the 18 turret and make the TR8 that way if you ever change your mind it shouldn't be too too hard switching back the turret is half the build lol

accidentally shot my tr 18 and looked and a finned red rod was sticking bout 3 inches deep in cardboard across da room i will try to make it is it better than tr 18 cuz it only 8 shot turret

oodamo does not matter the question is is the tr8 worth taking apart my prized tr18 for?

Well if no oodammo no, because it's just a different turret if you've already upgraded everything else.

i like the stock ho so i might in a while but it 7 in da mornin and i gotta go 2 school so later

Gonna be honest - creepy title... You could replace K'nex with so many words less worrying...

Is that a Rubber band grip?

soz, is this the untangle or is it the tr18mini? Im confused plz reply

rrriiiiigghhtt. whats so good about the TR18? isnt it just a simple true trig pullback action with a big revolving turret? soz if I don't know, but I'm not sure wether I should build.

oya i forgot to mention it shoots over 300ft angled w/ fin ammo and 5 size 64 bands

 soz I try to believe that, and I fail. it just doesn't seem possible, could you give me an ible so I can prove it to myself? (answering to the comment below aswell.

Click on me and go through my Instructables. I have posted an ible on how to make it.

And it does shoot 300ft with finned ammo.

I've only gotten 140 with finned ammo.

Am I the ONLY other person to get it to shoot 300FT?
NOBODY and I mean NOBODY but me and you has gotten it to shoot 300 feet.

You either have magical knex or a serious overestimation of range.

I mustered in Google earth.

How do you measure in google earth?  Is that even possible???

You go to Tools click on Ruler, and measure from where you shot to where the ammo landed.

300ft no problem
watch this vid http://s600.photobucket.com/albums/tt88/KILLERK_album/?action=view&current=HPIM1679.flv

basically it is what u said
it is a very reliable war gun a high ROF(rate of fire) and the ability to shoot multiple types of ammo including oodammo and fin ammo
i designed it to out preform out shoot and out range any and every gun out their
basically i designed it to be the best knex gun for wars plain and simple
anyway thats about it

A couple small updates.

Trigger guard has been removed.
Trigger has changed. It's more comfortable.
Pin guide has been secured properly.
I swapped the pin guide for a better quality black rod.


 Now I'm actually pissed. You take things I did changed for function, and change them in the slightest way so that they are cosmetic. Youwould make both of those pieces blue metallic clips and not keep one a tan clip. As well as that banded trigger.

Oh wow, you're pissed. That makes everything better.

You do know the definition of a modification, correct?

Why does it matter if they're blue clips? You didn't make knex, you know. I made that mod myself and it was just for comfort reasons. >_>


Also, you can't stop anyone from modifying your stuff unless you want to go to legal issues, and I doubt you'd want to do that over a building toy.

You want credit? It should be obvious that's your handle. Also, trigger guard was my own design.

I have a right to do things how I want, and if it conflicts with your crediting, then just tell me and I'll credit you; no need to get angry.

Oh by the way, I never actually said any of that was mine, except the trigger guard, which I've removed now.

 *sigh* The point of my trigger/handle mod was so that the trigger didn't even need a band...

Mine doesn't do that, even though I just remade it like yours.

I found out mine (w/o the rubberband) does function, but if I pulled it back, it wouldn't work and I'd have to manually adjust it.

The Y connectors solved that. Thanks, Zak.

How do you know the clip on the other side isn't a tan clip?  You don't have x-ray vision.