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i pod touch camera program? Answered

i made a camera cord that  can plug into the ipod touch but i need a program or something on my ipod touch to use the camera can someone make a program so i can take pictures with my ipod touch


if your ipod recocnizes it as hardware, you might be able to update to iOS 4 and that might work. if not, there is an ipod touch 4g. 2hd cameras


8 years ago

its not going to work. ever. there is no video input. the dock connector is primarily a serial / audio / power interface. If you knew how t ocode, and were on a jailbroken ipod touch, you might be able to get a cmucam working. but it is highly unlikely. and really only usefule for robotics.

You can't there is no video input in the dock conector. :(