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i put a tape deck on a power supply of a computer but after each unplug i loose the clock? Answered

if i plug a motherboard with a battery cmos will it  work?


My thought is that the tape deck doesn't have a memory backup battery that would run the clock during a power outage (unplug). If it were installed in a car, then it would have a wire (probably labeled "clock") connected to continuous power that would hold settings for the clock. When you connect it to the computer power supply you loose all power when you unplug so you loose the clock. To keep that from happening you'll have to keep it plugged in. That's not what I'd do since it's a DIY affair. I'd just ignore the clock.

This sounds like the right answer, if this "tape deck" is a car-stereo type (which is a good guess).


7 years ago

So, you replaced the power supply from a tape desk with that of a computer power supply? And, (I assume) that didn't happen before?

Well, you need a battery in there somewhere to maintain the clock. Are you sure the tape desk doesn't have one already, and it has just worn out?

And no, a whole motherboard won't work. The battery is hard-wired to a few specific chips on the motherboard, and nothing else.

I'm not sure I'm following the question -- is the tape deck losing its time, or is the computer losing its time? If it's the computer... There's a battery on the motherboard which maintains a hardware clock that is used to re-initialize the PC's clock; you may need a fresh battery; check the PC's manual for information about how to replace it.