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i saw this show spetnaz had this knife that when you pull a pin it shoots Answered

the show was greatest warrior and the blade shoots about 15 ft any body know how to make one


Do not make one! In most areas they are illegal A lot of states, if not the Feds treat this as a felony.

desertrat gotta show some proof man other words your holding bck people from doing great things i highly doubt this is illegal in the statesonly because they give out guns if you open an acount at some banks... if you wanna keep the project safe use a dull blade knife like a butter knife just so you can show proof of concept (able to be made by household materials-would be your concept) you could use a abs or pvc for the hadnle cause they are both cheap and durable. after that i would use a spring or coil ive picked them up from a junk yard and auto shop before cant remember what they were used for after that drill a whole in the pvc for a pin to slide in do the same to the butter knife cut the handle of the knife off weld the blade to the coilput it into the pvc slide the pin throughand when u pull the pin out ... u get the point lol


8 years ago

i dont think it would be hard actually and the knie was called a balistics knife i saw the same episode of dealiest warriror i think its possible

ya, but those are illegal (spetsnaz kinfes) but still, quite cool.

Break a 'gravity' or 'paratrooper' knife. Otherwise just look on ebay...